Andorra – Moldova. Prediction for the match 28.03.2016

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Andorra – Moldova. Prediction for the match 28.03.2016

Tournament: Friendly match

Place: “TA Qali National Stadium”, Malta

Match date: 28.03.2016 18:00 (GMT)

Andorra – Moldova

Strong football teams play each other, and what to do to the dwarfs? So they agree to face-to-face meetings. Monday Andorra will meet with the team of Moldova on a neutral field, on the island of Malta.

Sixth in group b

The team of Andorra in qualifying for Euro 2016 was played ten matches in which he lost all ten with a total goal difference is 4:36. The team Koldo managed four times to stand in the gate of rivals, and given the fact that the composition of the group in the small team was very decent and the performance need to be successful. Andorrans scored Israelis, Belgians, Cypriots and Wales.

Sixth in group G

The Moldova team also on the sixth place in their group did not go, but unlike the team from the Pyrenees, Moldavians two points to take is still honored. In October 2014 turned out to upset the Russian team, and in June 2015 is also on the road we started to see points with the national team of Liechtenstein. Their field team of Moldova lost all five matches. Recently this team was headed by Igor Dobrovolskiy, probably the most famous Moldovan footballer of the last decades and since his arrival, the Federation hopes to improve performance in team.


Andorra is a microstate and the national team in this country more than modest, Moldova also somewhat different, the country is at times more of Andorra, and a selection of players, respectively, too. Also we should not forget that Moldova has a new head coach who will try to give the result from the first game.

Moldova to win with -1 handicap


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