Germany – Italy. Prediction for the match 29.03.2016

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Germany – Italy. Prediction for the match 29.03.2016

Tournament: Friendly match

Venue: Allianz arena, Munich

Match date: 29.03.2016 21:45 (GMT)

Germany – Italy

On Tuesday 29 March, the German team in Munich, the “Allianz Arena” will play a friendly match with the Italians. Both teams were not satisfied with their previous sparring sessions, if the Italian team at the “Friuli” played a draw with the Spaniards 1:1, which in principle can hardly be called a failure, the Germans in their “Olympiastadion” lost to the British, taking the lead of the match at 2-0.

Evil Germany

Ought not to lose to world Champions on their own pitch, scoring two goals. It understands how the coaching staff the eagles and the players themselves who are not accustomed to suffer defeat. Ahead of the Italian team – the opponents are tough, but today’s Germans are quite passable, also the match will be held at the Munich arena, which for many players of the German team is native.

Active Italy

But now the Italians should not be underestimated. In the fight against the Spaniards, which took place on 24 March in Udine, the team Conte has shown a decent level of football and was close to victory. The meeting ended in a draw 1:1, but with the current European Champions is a great result. Conte is a perfectionist, and will arrive in Germany at least for a draw, defeat its clearly not satisfied, so the upcoming match will be interesting and fighting.


The Germans are upset by the defeat against England, but the team Left, since no one knows how to handle difficult situations, and to achieve the desired result in difficult conditions. The Italians are a strong team, but in many aspects inferior to today’s Germans, in addition, the match will take place in Munich, so our prediction for this meeting:

The victory of the German national team to win with 0 handicap


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