SKA – CSKA. Prediction for the match 28.03.2016

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SKA – CSKA. Prediction for the match 28.03.2016

The Tournament: The Cup Of Gagarin

Place: “Ice Palace”, St. Petersburg

Match date: 28.03.2016 19:30 (GMT)


The third match of the final series of the Western conference will go down in history as one of the longest dry games in the KHL. In football the score 0:0 is not as common, and in hockey that’s nonsense, but the “army” team not only played three periods without goals, but almost the 52nd minute of overtime. In the end, Platt still scored, and CSKA now leads the series with the score 3:0.

The possibility of revenge

SKA of course still have a chance to win the conference final and reach the final of the Gagarin Cup, but such a scenario is very unlikely. After yesterday’s win CSKA on the side of the Muscovites not only advantage as the result, but also a huge psychological advantage. But, as they definitely will try to finally slam the door, i.e. to win at least one home game.

Almost Cup finalists

Well, CSKA one foot in the Gagarin Cup finals, and after such a long fight, which happened on March 26 and the subsequent victory there may come a slight decline from the Muscovites. The army team three games in a row spend the maximum of their abilities, therefore some relaxation will be amazing. As for the third match in the series, the whole game was an equal struggle, which confirms the number of shots on target: 52:51 in favor of the SKA.


Pitertsy not easy to give up, to lose dry not exactly in the rules of a command Sergey Zubov. So in this match SKA will make a last effort, but won’t lose the fourth match of the series. Our prediction for this meeting:

SKA won’t lose


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