Metallurg Magnitogorsk – HC CSKA Moscow. Prediction for the match 13.04.2016

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Metallurg Magnitogorsk – HC CSKA Moscow. Prediction for the match 13.04.2016

The Tournament: The Cup Of Gagarin

Place: “arena-metallurg”, Magnitogorsk

Match date: 13.04.2016 17:00 (GMT)

Metallurgist – CSKA

CSKA took the lead again in the final series of the Gagarin Cup, at the moment the score is 2:1. The upcoming match will be held again in Magnitogorsk and “metallurgists” in it definitely need to win, otherwise the fate of the trophy, apparently, will be resolved in favor of the Muscovites.

Had the chance

Of the Urals was a good chance to go ahead in the final series, at least after the second period it was the Magnitogorsk resident were leading 1:0 and had a moral advantage. But CSKA is very high class team, plus individual skill at the highest level, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the third period, Da Costa first, and then the hares brought his team ahead. But the Metallurgist did not refuse in nature, for 17 seconds before the final whistle Kovar puts the match into overtime.

Still CSKA

Overtime is an element of the army, how many times already this season, the Muscovites in extra time won the victory. So once again Da Costa at the 19th minute of extra time brought his team to victory in an away match and the lead in the confrontation. Muscovites already can not wait for Victoria in the tournament, so please make every effort for victory in the next match on ice “Magnitogorsk”.


Metallurg is a great team that deserves to win the Gagarin Cup, but there is CSKA, which is the current season in the same breath and even more deserving of the triumph. CSKA play away, they have once again demonstrated on Monday night. The next match will again be held in the Urals, and the team Quarterly will try to make a account in the series 3-1 in their favor. Our prediction for this meeting:

HC CSKA won’t lose


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