HC CSKA Moscow – metallurg Magnitogorsk. Prediction for the match 15.04.2016

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HC CSKA Moscow – metallurg Magnitogorsk. Prediction for the match 15.04.2016

The Tournament: The Cup Of Gagarin

Venue: “Moscow CSKA ice Palace”. V. Bobrov, Moscow

Match date: 15.04.2016 19:30 (GMT)

CSKA – metallurg Magnitogorsk

Ural team is not giving up. The fourth match of the final series of Gagarin Cup, which was held in Magnitogorsk ended with a minimal victory “Magnitogorsk” with the score 1:0. Account in the series became 2:2, and rivals are moving in Moscow for the fifth game of confrontation.

Complex final

CSKA did not manage to break away from the Metallurgist more than one victory, Ural persistently don’t want to give up and give the Gagarin Cup Dynamo. In this match CSKA is the owner of the site and this factor should encourage Muscovites confidence in your Victoria. Bookmakers in the outcome of the Moscow duel of unified views, highlighting the team Dmitry Quarterly the clear favorite of the match. Prior to a final series of CSKA in the framework of the Gagarin Cup this season has lost only one match torpedo with the score 1:2, and a solid victory.

The last effort

The Metallurgist in the final have a hard time because unlike Muscovites Magnitogorsk path to the final was slightly longer. And not to forget that behind him a difficult season in the regular season with their up and down. But the team Ilya Vorobyov holds and creates intrigue in the final confrontation, for what it separate thanks from all lovers of Russian hockey.


Dmitri Kvartalnov is a seasoned tactician and strategist, so definitely in the upcoming fight we’ll see CSKA something very interesting. Muscovites in no event it is impossible to lose come Friday, otherwise the fate of the Gagarin Cup will be in the “hands” of hockey players from Magnitogorsk. Our prediction for this meeting:

CSKA wins the match


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