Chicago Blackhawks – St. Louis Blues. Prediction for the match 24.04.2016

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Chicago Blackhawks – St. Louis Blues. Prediction for the match 24.04.2016

Tournament: The Stanley Cup

Location: the”United Center”, Chicago

Match date: 24.04.2016 02:00 (GMT)

Chicago – St. Louis

On Sunday 24 April will not a lot of games in the National hockey League, and one of them will be the first meeting between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues. After five games played in a series of meetings the score in favor of the players from St Louis who win with result 3:2.

Decisive battle

Team Joel Quenneville tune into the upcoming game as the last and decisive battle. The meeting will be held in their native Chicago, and with a positive outcome, the Blackhawks would tie the score in the series. In the regular season current season Chicago was one of the strongest teams in the Western conference for games on its platform, but in a series with St. Louis, the Blackhawks have already lost twice to his opponent, playing on the ice, “United Center”. It is necessary to rectify the situation and the upcoming match is the most suitable for this purpose.

Away team

In turn, St. Louis can boast a quality game away from home, which actually can be seen on the results of this team in the current series. “Bluesmen” shock played a “regular season”, but will there be enough hockey players Ken Hitchcock forces victoriously complete the series 1/8 finals of the Stanley Cup? Extreme match, which St. Louis lost in overtime with the score 3:4, showed that in this match we saw a turning point.


The Blackhawks cannot lose third home match in a row. If that happens, then the players from Chicago will take off from draw of the Cup Stanley. Team Kenevil it is necessary to collect will in a fist and again to defeat a powerful opponent who has a lot of problems. Our prediction for this meeting:

Chicago wins the match


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