Philadelphia Flyers – Washington Capitals. Prediction for the match 25.04.2016

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Philadelphia Flyers – Washington Capitals. Prediction for the match 25.04.2016

Tournament: The Stanley Cup

Place: “Wachovia Center”, Philadelphia

Match date: 25.04.2016 02:00 (GMT)

Philadelphia – Washington

“The lights” managed to repel a formidable opponent. After five matches in the series between Philadelphia and Washington the score 3:2 in favor of the capitals, but this last two matches were won by players from Pennsylvania.

Two wins in a row

Who would have thought that after the Philadelphia home 1:6 from Washington will be earned on a comeback. The comeback hasn’t happened yet, but “the lights” managed to change the situation in his side and twice to defeat the formidable opponent, the first on home ice with the score 2:1, and then on the court of Washington with the result 2:0. The upcoming match will again take place at the Flyers arena and many fans of this team hope their Pets on Monday will act actively and achieve a third consecutive victory over Washington.

Two pocket straight

Too easy to give ward Barry Trotz series 1/8 finals of the Stanley Cup, it was necessary to improve the storyline of Doboj and make the confrontation more intriguing, which is what happened. But fun time’s over, “Stolichniy” it’s no fun, another defeat and will begin the nerves, and this can badly affect the winner of the regular championship of NHL of the current season. In the “regular season” Washington had no equal in matches, so the capitals can expect the maximum activation in the sixth match of the series.


Washington has relaxed, believing in his quick victory over the “spark”, but Philadelphia experienced team, and that was not going to surrender to the mercy of the winner. In this match Washington should show its real level and win a meeting. Our prediction for this game:

Washington will win the match


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