Albania – Ukraine. Prediction for the match 03.06.2016

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Albania – Ukraine. Prediction for the match 03.06.2016

Tournament: friendly match

Location: “Denis Jonathan for Italy”, Bergamo, Italy

Match date: 03.06.2016 21:30 (GMT)

Albania – Ukraine

This coming Friday, the Ukrainian national team in the preparatory cycle for Euro 2016 in Italian Bergamo will play with the sensation carried through the qualifying round the team of Albania. The Ukrainians, like the Albanians, have won their extreme friendly matches and in a good mood preparing for the upcoming game.

Interesting Albania

After the completion of the qualifying tournament Euro 2016 squad Gianni De Biasi has held four friendly sparring match in which he scored two victories over Luxembourg and Qatar, has tied with Georgia and lost to team Austria with a score of 1:2. In the qualifying tournament for Euro 2016 Albanians recall how a well organized team with good defense set. In eight matches of the eurotram “eagles conceded only five goals, although opponents of the Albanians were strong teams of Portugal, Denmark and Serbia.

Finally on the Euro

The Ukrainian national team with great difficulty managed to reach the final of Euro 2016, having won in butt matches of the Slovenian team. In the run-up to the forum of the Ukrainians has already played one friendly game against Romanian team and defeated the rival with the amazing score of 4:3. Amazing because, as Eastern Slavs and Romanians is quite a “grassroots” team, and the match proved to be exciting, and its result mega “upland”. It is unlikely that the fact of three goals conceded from Albanians liked Fomenko. Surely the Ukrainian coach will make adjustments to the game his team for the upcoming match.


Albanians and Ukrainians were in the final of Euro 2016 in the first place due to good play of their defensive redoubts, so from the Friday meeting should not expect a scoring spree. Our free forecast for this game:

TM 2,5


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