Monfils G. – Tim D. the Prediction for the match 15.11.2016

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Monfils G. – Tim D. the Prediction for the match 15.11.2016

Tournament: World Tour Finals

Location: courts of London

Match date: 15.11.2016 17:00 (GMT)

On Tuesday 15 November in the framework of the World Tour Finals, which takes place in English in London, Frenchman Gael Monfils, who is in the sixth position of the world ranking will meet with Austrian Dominik Tim, located in turn at the ninth line of the rating ATP. Future rivals are pretty familiar with each other and in 2015 the Croatian courts of Umag held a get-together, the winner of which was Dominic. Once again, fate brought the French and Austrians in Cincinnati in 2016, but Gael has withdrawn from the tournament, so the duel did not take place.

First defeat

Monfils at this tournament played one match against canadian Raonic, who lost with the score 0:2. The only way to the semifinals of the current competition is to win Tim, and then Djokovic. On the Serb too early to speak, as the agenda of the Austrian. Before London Gael participated in the tournaments in Stockholm, Shanghai and Tokyo, the best performance occurred in the capital of Japan – semi-final.

Also not the best form

Dominic Tim is not impressive. In London has been defeated by Djokovic with the score 0:2, while England was eliminated in the first round of Paris and Beijing, in Vienna was the second round. Current form of Tim is even worse than his future opponent Monfis, so it is no surprise exhibited by the bookmakers for this match line.


Both athletes are now experiencing not the best times, but the Frenchman at least at the tournament in Vienna showed a good tennis and was close to the pedestal, while Austrian flies in the early stages of all tournaments. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Victory Monfis


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