Peru – Brazil. Prediction for the match 16.11.2016

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Peru – Brazil. Prediction for the match 16.11.2016

Tournament: Selection for the 2018 world Cup

Location: “Nacional”, Lima

Match date: 16.11.2016 05:15 (GMT)

Brazil’s national team after several years on the sidelines, not only in the world, but in South American football appears to have finally found his game. A few days ago “they” in his field “ruled” the main competitor and main opponent, the national team of Argentina with the indecent account 3:0. Future opponents of Brusilov will be the team of Peru, which stars in the sky are not enough, but on the home field this team is able to fight any.

In the tail

The national team of Peru in the last five games in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup, managed to three times to win, one draw and one defeat. Victoria’s happened over the Bolivians, and on the road, and also over Ecuador and Paraguay. Section points happened in the match against Argentina, and lost to the Peruvians on the road the reigning Champions of South America, the team of Chile with the score 2:1. This statistic suggests that Peruvians are in excellent shape.

Found the game

If the Peruvians in great shape, the Brazilians and all in the best condition. “they” in five extreme matches only won, and with those results, managed to rise to first place in the qualifying race. The assets of the Brazilian national team 24 points after 11 rounds and one point handicap before the Uruguayans.


Brazil now looks good, only Peruvians, which have recently shown a great football does not need to be discounted. “Inky” is still an opportunity to catch hold of the four strongest teams in the South American area, but it is necessary not to lose in that match the Brazilians. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Win against Peru with the handicap +1,5


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