Sweden U-20 – Russia U-20. Prediction for the match 05.01.2017

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Sweden U-20 – Russia U-20. Prediction for the match 05.01.2017

Tournament: world Cup U-20

Location: “bell Centre”, Montreal

Match date: 05.01.2017 23:30 (GMT)

In the framework of the semi-finals of the youth world ice hockey championship, Sweden U 20 Russia U-20, unfortunately for the fans of these teams lost their matches to teams Canada U-20 and USA U-20 respectively. The Swedes especially did not resist, but the Russian team was close to the final, lacked the very small – good luck. Now, these two teams will compete in the match for third place.

Was excellent

Team Sweden U-20 on a good level played group tournament, which was won by young Danes, the Swiss, the Finns and the Czechs. Then in the playoffs the Swedish team easily outplayed the youth national team of Slovakia with a score of 8:3 while in the semifinals with the Canadians already have the “tre kronor” never had a chance. In the first period was an equal fight, but the second and third periods left for the North Americans.

In the fight

Team Russia U-20 second time in a row lost to the Americans, but lost the fight. For the Russian team this is the third defeat in the tournament, but, despite this, the world Cup U-20 it is necessary to recognize for the “tricolor” is quite good. Ahead of the powerful Swedes, who in their qualifying group never lost, but their match against team Canada U-20 have shown that the weaknesses of this team enough.


For the last two goals Team Russia U-20 and Sweden U-20 played each other five times. Statistics in these deboah on the Russian side, 3:2, but really, the last game was won by the Scandinavians with the account 6:3 and 4:0. Russian national team U-20 tournament progresses significantly gained in terms of fitness, and it is likely that the match against the Swedes, the Russians will come to its peak. Our free forecast for the meeting:

The victory of the Russian team with handicap +1,5


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