Colo Colo – Botafogo. Prediction for the match 09.02.2017

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Colo Colo – Botafogo. Prediction for the match 09.02.2017

Tournament: Copa Libertadores

Location: the “monumental David Arellano”, Santiago, Chile

Match date: 09.02.2017 02:45 (GMT)

The return match of the second round of the qualifying tournament of the Copa Libertadores between the Chilean Colo Colo and Botafogo will take place next Thursday on the field of Chileans. The first match of this confrontation, which took place in Brazil, brought the “lone star” Victoria with the score 2:1. Bookmakers expect the advantage in the upcoming game will be the owners, but in the end, the Brazilians will still go to the next stage of the tournament.

Just started

Colo Colo played just one round launched in the championship of Chile. The opponent of this team was Union Espanola, the score in that match 3:0 in favor of the future owners. This Victoria immediately allowed Colo Colo to come out on top in standings of the championship of Chile.

Playing in the state championship

Botafogo and now is taking part in the championship of the state. After three rounds in the asset “lone star” four points. This result suggests that the current fora future guests leaves much to be desired. In the Brazilian League last season, Botafogo away 19 matches in which the team managed to achieve seven wins, three draws and nine defeats. The result is worthy, but should pay attention to the fact that the number of loose small, but Colo-Colo still stronger than the average level of the teams Brazilian Serie A.


Colo Colo will put all its efforts and capabilities in order to win in the upcoming game. Chileans are very home, while Botafogo on the road constantly having problems. In this situation, the rate on master is quite logical. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Win Colo Colo


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