Russia vs ivory coast: prediction, 22.03.2017

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Russia vs ivory coast: prediction, 22.03.2017

Tournament: Friendly match

Location: Krasnodar, Krasnodar

Match date: 24.03.2017 19:00 (GMT)

The Russian team, which will be the future mistress of the world championship on football, this coming Friday will play a friendly, or says Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov, a friendly match against the national team of côte d’ivoire. The upcoming game will take place at the stadium of FC Krasnodar, and the bookies in this pair prefer future owners.


The Russian team is preparing for the world forum, rolling a freight train, and I must say that the results in these matches leave much to be desired. In the last game managed to win against Romania with the score 2:0, but now this team is not top-end in Europe, and the “tricolor” was not optimal. To the Romanians, the Russians lost to Qatar and Costa Rica, with great difficulty beat the national team of Ghana with the score 1:0. There is no doubt that Cherchesov and his team on the right track, but we should not forget that the level of players in the Russian team is not a top.

The failure of the Cana

And the team of the Ivory Coast failed the last African Cup of Nations. Before the tournament, this squad was one of the favorites of the tournament, but in the end, even from the qualification round did not work: a draw with DR Congo and the defeat by Morocco. After this humiliation will surely follow the conclusions, so what team côte d’ivoire will appear in next Friday – the big question.


Team Russia will try again to strike in a dirt the person, as has happened recently. National team of Ivory Coast is not in the best of times, but fight it future owners will definitely. Our free forecast for the meeting:

TM 2,5


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