Armenia vs Kazakhstan: forecast for the match, 26.03.2017

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Armenia vs Kazakhstan: forecast for the match, 26.03.2017

Tournament: Qualification for the 2018 world Cup

Venue: Republican stadium, Yerevan

Match date: 26.03.2017 20:00 (GMT)

Armenia’s national team on Sunday will host the team of Kazakhstan in the fifth round of the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup. In this pair bookmakers see in the future the hosts clear favourites for the upcoming game, but for your future rivals are not much different from each other. Composed of Armenians there are some interesting performers, such as Henrikh Mkhitaryan, but not so much in turn the national team of Kazakhstan plays a rather organized and can compete with the Caucasian team.

TM 2,5
TB 2.5

Of 1.94

Is the victory

In November 2016, the Armenian team achieved the first victory in the current qualifying tournament over the team of Montenegro with the score 3:2. Before the future masters three times in a row lost to Denmark 0:1, Romania 0:5 Poland 1:2. The League table group E team of Armenia is located on the fifth position in the asset of this team 3 points.

Able to fight

In turn, the national team of Kazakhstan in the current qualifying tournament, has twice managed to surprise, however, is more for home games. The guests played a draw with the teams of Poland and Romania, the two parties in the last Euro, but away this team hasn’t done so well: the defeat of Montenegro and Denmark. In the standings in their qualifying group, Kazakhstan with two points located on the last sixth position.


The bookies are a bit overestimating the ability of the national team of Armenia, Kazakhstan, tenacious team that’s going to Yerevan for the first time in the current qualifying tournament exit points. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Victory Kazakhstan team with handicap +1


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