Metallurg Mg vs. AK bars: prediction, 26.03.2017

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Metallurg Mg vs. AK bars: prediction, 26.03.2017

Tournament: The Cup Of Gagarin

Venue: “metallurg”, Magnitogorsk

Match date: 26.03.2017 16:00 (GMT)

Metallurg Magnitogorsk won the first game of the semifinal series of the Gagarin Cup at the Kazan AK Bars and took the lead. The second match will be held in the Urals, and again “Magnitogorsk” is the clear favorite, and it is difficult to disagree, for several reasons. First, the factor of a site- not an empty phrase for the two rivals, and secondly, AK bars to metallurg is quite convenient enemy, which is clearly seen from the statistics of relations between the two groups.


Metallurg Magnitogorsk after two stages of the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup has retained a sufficient amount of energy due to the fact that the Urals only played nine matches, whereas the same citizens of Kazan played 2 games more. This factor is partly influenced by the fact that “Magnitogorsk” has put the squeeze on his opponent in overtime. The final score of the first game 2:1 in favor of the team from the Urals.

Difficult way

If metallurg played in the playoffs with the Kunlun and Bars, two teams that hardly giants of the KHL, Kazantsev path was more difficult, namely: Salavat Yulaev and Avangard Omsk. The first team was stronger, winning with the score 4:1, and the second confrontation ended with the score 4:2. If we look at the statistics of the regular championship, from out AK bars played 30 matches in which he scored 17 victories and 13 defeats.

TM 4
TB 4

Of 1.82


Metallurg played very well on the platform, the Urals will make every effort to make the second match to end in their favor, and thus lead in the series 2:0. For “convenience” AK bars also should not be forgotten. Our free forecast for the meeting:

The victory of FC metallurg in the match


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