Nigeria vs Burkina Faso: prediction, 27.03.2017

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Nigeria vs Burkina Faso: prediction, 27.03.2017

Tournament: Friendly match

Location: “The Hive Stadium”, London

Match date: 27.03.2017 23:00 (GMT)

One of the strongest African teams in history, team Nigeria, next Monday will play with the national team of Burkina Faso, which is one of the strongest African teams at the moment. Bookmakers in this pair do not see a clear favorite, holding almost equal to the line for the next game, but despite the good shape of Burkina Faso, on the side of Nigeria will be motivation.

On the Kang did not play

Team Nigeria was not included in the final part of the last Kahn, that is for this team to shame. Now I have the shame to wash away future victories. But in 2018 the Nigerians have a great opportunity to appear. At least in the qualifying tournament for the world forum at the “eagles” it’s going well. Your last match of the national team of Nigeria held in London against a team from Senegal, the score of the match: a 1-1 draw, goals on account of SDA and Iheanacho.

Great performance

Unlike Nigerians, the national team of Burkina Faso played the Kan, and moreover, took on the tournament in third place, defeating Ghana in the final match. Team Burkina Faso was close to finals but in the semifinals, losing on penalties to the team of Egypt. March 24 “stallions” played a freight train against the national team of Morocco, who was lost with the score 0:2.


Team Nigeria aims to be back among the strongest African teams, and for that you need to win. Team Burkina Faso is a great stimulus for the eagles, because this team was third at the last cane, so that there is no doubt that Nigeria national team will make maximum efforts to win in the upcoming game. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Nigeria won’t lose


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