Bolivia vs Argentina: prediction, 28.03.2017

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Bolivia vs Argentina: prediction, 28.03.2017

Tournament: Qualification for the 2018 world Cup

Venue: “Estadio Hernando Siles” La Paz

Match date: 28.03.2017 23:00 (GMT)

Team Bolivia on Tuesday in the framework of the 14th round of the South American qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup will host highland in La Paz the team of Argentina, which is experiencing some difficulties with the results in the current cycle. Team Messi has a huge motivation for the upcoming match, the Argentinians are well aware that in La Paz it is extremely difficult to play someone else, but despite this, future guests go only for victory.


The national team of Bolivia failed the next qualifying cycle, and now, after 13 rounds in the South American qualifying group, we can say that in the final of the world championship we will not see. In the asset of the future owners 7 points and 9th place in the standings of the peloton. Worse only team Venezuela, which has managed to get only 6 points.

For the third

In turn, the Argentina team is fighting for a place in the top four teams of South America. At the moment this team takes the third place in the asset team with 22 points, but only one score is Colombia, two points of Ecuador and Chile. So the ending of the tournament is expected to be very interesting, and Argentina has no moral right to lose points in a match against a clear underdog, despite all the difficulties associated with high altitude.


Argentina’s national team will make maximum efforts in order to defeat the evil opponent. In the history of relations between future opponents, there are many examples of the victory of the Argentines over the Bolivians in La Paz. Our free forecast for the meeting:

Victory For Argentina


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