Russia vs Belgium: prediction, 28.03.2017

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Russia vs Belgium: prediction, 28.03.2017

Tournament: Friendly match

Location: “Olympic stadium”, Sochi

Match date: 28.03.2017 20:00 (GMT)

On Tuesday Russian national team on the home field in Sochi will take the team of Belgium. In this pair, the Belgians are the clear favorites of the match and with this line it is difficult to argue, because even the composition of the team from Western Europe have a great advantage.

Problems with the results

The Russian team is not something to shame lately, but this team has noticeable issues with the results. Lost to Costa Rica and Qatar, with great difficulty beat the second part of the Romanian national team, and now the defeat of côte d’ivoire and most recently, Kana has failed. Ivory coast is a strong team, hard to argue with that, but to the best European standards, “elephants” are still very far away.

Draw with the Greeks

But the Belgian team is now one of the leading teams in Europe. Even considering the fact that Roberto Martinez is certainly on a friendly match the main part of the “devils” will not be released, in the team and take powerful enough to defeat the Russians, even at their own game. In addition, Belgians are very much upset by the fact that failed to achieve the home of Victoria over the national team of Greece in the fifth round of qualifying for the 2018 world Cup. Especially considering the fact that most of the second half, “devils” played in the majority.


Unfortunately for the Russians, the level of the football team of this country at the moment is pretty mediocre, so the result of the upcoming game is entirely dependent on the Belgians: selected martínez composition to a meeting, motivation, future guests. In such a situation to bet on the hosts is fraught with defeat, and our forecast for this meeting:

Belgium’s victory with a handicap of 0

Of 1.61

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